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Running for Beginners

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Best Running Shoes for Women

Proper footwear is important for all sports, from football and basketball to horseback riding. It’s extremely important for running, but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t put the effort in to seek out the best running shoes.

This is a shame because running is a serious, high impact sport that puts lots of stress […]

Sports Bras for Running – Finding the Right One for You

For women, there is one item of clothing that is just as important as running shoes – the sports bra! Sports bras for running keep you comfortable during your run and in the long-term, help your breasts retain their shape. (There are ligaments in your breasts that give them their shape, and if they […]

How to Get Back into Your Running Routine

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We have a running routine that we are completely committed to and for months we faithfully honor that commitment by running those miles come rain or shine. Then, life happens.

Perhaps your work schedule got busy, you had a baby, or maybe you just […]

Top 5 Best Rated Running Shoes for Natural Running (For Men)

When you are a runner, you want to make sure you get your hands (or rather your feet!) on the best rated running shoes. Having good shoes can make a big difference to your performance. Lately there has been a lot of focus on natural running.

When it comes to the most effective way […]

What Makes a “Minimalist” Shoe?

If you’ve been following the idea of barefoot running for the past few years, you’ve probably seen A LOT of different shoes that all claim to be great for “barefoot style” running. Some of these are also referred to as “minimalist” shoes.

But as with most things related to sales and marketing, you can’t […]

How to Overcome Runners Mental Fatigue

One of the seldom mentioned challenges that runners face is not a physical one but a mental one. I remember how I gradually built up my running skills until I did two half-marathons each week. Then, for no obvious reason, I was suddenly fed up with it all. I just couldn’t perform those long distance […]

Extreme Races: Tackling The Tough Guy

If you’re looking for a race with a bit of difference, then the Tough Guy might be right up your alley. First run in the UK over 25 years ago, the race has inspired a number of similar events around the world – including the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder.

The Tough Guy starts […]

Top 5 Mistakes Runners Make when Training

Even very experienced runners can make mistakes when they are in training for a race or marathon. Often runners think that all they need to do is run to be competitive in a race. But, just running the same terrain at the same pace will not increase the athlete’s speed or endurance. There are some […]

First Look: Baby Quasar PLUS

No matter your lifestyle, after your 20’s, you’re on a downward path, both in terms of athletic potential and good looks. There are plenty of things you can do to hold off the aging process as long as possible, but it’s a losing battle.

Even if you eat your spinach every day!

I say […]

Now You (Err… Your Kids) Can Train Your Brain With Agnitus – FREE Giveaway!

This year we’ve been talking about two important training sessions for sports performance as well as daily life in general.

First, core training, as your body’s core is central to just about all movements. Second, even more central to every single thing your body does, is brain training.

Remember the educational games from Agnitus […]

Building the Core to Get More: 7 Tips for Awesome Abdominal Training

There’s a lot of talk in the world of fitness about building core strength because it’s been shown to enhance performance during other exercises, such as running and biking. Medical professionals and sports trainers also recommend building core strength to lessen chronic pain and prevent injuries.

Some mistakenly believe that core strength refers only […]

How to Keep Your Brain Big and Sharp. Plus, Prevent Aging!

Did you know there’s more to brain exercise than the weekly crossword? Even Sudoku pales in comparison to other methods of brain training.

We might beat up our bodies on occasion, thanks to our running addictions, but physical activity is the best way to keep your brain healthy and prevent aging. Yes indeed. And it […]

Slip Out of That Sweaty Sports Bra and Into Something Fancy (For Valentine’s Day!)

As a runner, your sports bras are definitely your #1 most important bra. Which is also your #1 most important piece of sportswear!

If you’re out doing a Valentine’s Day 5K, you’ll be wearing one. Sure it might be red or pink if you’re in the holiday spirit, but it’s probably not something you’d […]

The 5 Best Supplements To Get You Energized! (And Calm You Down!)

Want more energy? I think we all do!

But when most of us think about getting energized, we think coffee. And energy drinks. And sports drinks. But sugar and caffeine, well, they might not be the best choices. Unless you like crazy jitters and sugar crashes!

So let’s consider a few ways you can […]