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Review: Air Optix Night & Day Contacts

Don’t you just hate wearing glasses when running? They’re uncomfortable, easy to break, and they aren’t compatible with most sunglasses.

And what about contacts? They can be a pain to take out and clean every night.

Well, quite a few years ago I got these new contacts called Focus Night & Day contacts. The […]

Running for Weight Loss

If you are thinking of healthy ways to lose weight that are fun and exciting at the same time, then why not consider running? In modern days, running has become a good exercise and a means of fitness. You can undoubtedly use running for health benefits and for specific purposes like weight loss. In […]

How to Be a Runner

Ever wondered if one day you can join in a marathon, with a number on your shirt, and a winning pose at the finish line? Then wonder no more and make that dream come true! You do not have to be of Olympic caliber to run. But unless you have medical conditions that prohibits […]

Which Contact Lenses Are Best for Sports – and Why!

Whether you exercise for fun or are a serious competitor, having the best visual correction is paramount for both performance and comfort. Even for those people who do minimal exercise, the last thing you want to be worrying about is an uncomfortable contact lens or your glasses steaming up!

Provided you are suitable, contact […]

Running During Pregnancy – What Do You Need To Know?

Being physically active while you are expecting a baby is a healthy decision in many ways. It contributes to a woman’s general health, may help her reduce some pregnancy signs and symptoms like morning sickness or backaches, and being fit may set women up for an easier labor and birth, too. But not all […]

4 Benefits of Running with a Dog

When I started running, I felt very self conscious. I think many people are in that situation. Fortunately, I had my dog – whenever I felt awkward about going for a run, I told myself I had to do it because Guinness needed the exercise. Thanks to him, I persisted and now we both enjoy […]