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3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Gym Membership

We all know that running can be very good for a person’s health. It not only gets you out of your house (a miracle of its own in this day and age,) but you’re also working several sets of muscles, from your legs to your heart and lungs.

One of the great things about […]

5 Tips for New Runners

Perhaps the hardest thing about starting a new exercise routine is actually following through with it. Once you have committed to starting this new workout regime, you are half way there. Running is great for both mental and physical health for a variety of reasons and in order to reap the benefits, it pays […]

How to Overcome Runners Mental Fatigue

One of the seldom mentioned challenges that runners face is not a physical one but a mental one. I remember how I gradually built up my running skills until I did two half-marathons each week. Then, for no obvious reason, I was suddenly fed up with it all. I just couldn’t perform those long distance […]

Staying Hydrated While Running

Your body always needs water – for a runner, though, staying hydrated is crucial. Your choice of the hydration method to use is up to you, of course, but this choice depends on three criteria:

1. Length of your running session 2. Scientific facts behind hydration 3. Your personal preference

Some people think energy […]

Just Say NO! To Running Shoes

If you are one of the millions of people who run on a regular basis there is a good chance you may have heard about the recent barefoot running “fad.”  Up until 18 months ago I thought it was one of the craziest ideas I had ever heard, yet people were leaving their expensive […]

Extreme Races: Tackling The Tough Guy

If you’re looking for a race with a bit of difference, then the Tough Guy might be right up your alley. First run in the UK over 25 years ago, the race has inspired a number of similar events around the world – including the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder.

The Tough Guy starts […]