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Review: Clif Bars

Whenever I hear Clif Bar, the first thing I think of is “a good tasting energy bar.” Clif Bar has been around for a long time, and they’ve been making energy bars that actually taste good since before it was cool.

It wasn’t all that long ago, you could go to the store and […]

Running the Reggae Marathon

There are many marathons taking place all over the world every year, but none quite as fun to run as Jamaica’s unique Reggae Marathon! Whether you go in for the 10km race, the half-marathon or the full marathon itself, this will be a run you will never forget.

Why Reggae Marathon? Because huge sound […]

A Marathon Veteran’s Guide to Preventing Nipple Chafing

Until I started running long distances, I never thought it was possible to chafe in so many places!

I was used to riding my bike for 100 miles in one day without any such chafing issues, but when I started running 10 miles in a day, that’s when the problems started! I was chafing […]

Circuit Training – An Off-Season Must!

In the simplest terms, to get better at running, one must run. This is true. But, for those of you serious runners who seek to run at highly competitive levels, even running marathons (or longer races), you need more tools in your belt than just a jogging session every day. This is especially true […]

Eyewear Guide for Runners: 3 Options to Try

When it comes to participating in sports and other types of exercise, anyone who wears glasses knows that it can become both uncomfortable and annoying to perform with eyewear on. And yet, most of us need our glasses to see, especially when we’re moving around in unfamiliar territory.

Runners who eschew their regular eyewear […]

Review: Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves

I’m sure you know what knee sleeves and knee braces are – if you don’t have any yourself, you’ve probably seen plenty of other runners wearing them.

But the product I’m reviewing today is a little different. I’m talking about the Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves, which combine standard compression garments with copper therapy.

I’ve […]