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How to Get Back into Your Running Routine

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We have a running routine that we are completely committed to and for months we faithfully honor that commitment by running those miles come rain or shine. Then, life happens.

Perhaps your work schedule got busy, you had a baby, or maybe you just […]

Top 5 Best Rated Running Shoes for Natural Running (For Men)

When you are a runner, you want to make sure you get your hands (or rather your feet!) on the best rated running shoes. Having good shoes can make a big difference to your performance. Lately there has been a lot of focus on natural running.

When it comes to the most effective way […]

My Running Story by Iron Simba

Hi, I’m Iron Simba and I like to blog on ironsimba.co.uk about how to gain muscle mass, lift heavier and so on. But I still like to add running to my training and this is how I got started at running.

I am an avid cyclist and started running because I wanted to be better […]

Don’t Let Allergies Keep You Indoors This Fall

It’s easy to understand why so many people say that Autumn is their favorite season. The air is cool and crisp and nature is full of glorious colors and scents. For those with seasonal allergies, however, Fall also brings ragweed, tree pollen and mold making it seem impossible to enjoy the outdoors.

While you […]

Review: Tommie Copper Compression Calf Sleeves

Some people credit their running performance to compression socks. Some companies claim wearing their socks will take minutes off your marathon time.

Me? I just hope compression wear does something!

With that mindset, I tested out a pair of Tommie Copper Compression Calf Sleeves. These are a little different than knee-high compression socks because they […]

How to Stay Relaxed Despite Heavy Training and a Hectic Racing Schedule

Intense training and a hectic racing schedule can be very stressful – especially for rookies. This is normal. Even experienced racers still get nervous. But if you want to perform at your best during race day then you have to learn how to stay relaxed.

Why? Because this will enable you to stay focused. […]