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Confessions of a Forty Year Old Jogger Blogger

Editor’s note: Welcome Joel Newman, who tells his story of “finding a new me” at age 40, by starting to run!

It all began when I was going to turn 40. I began noticing I was breathless after each time I climbed stairs, and when I walked my body suddenly seemed to be […]

Running At High Altitude – What You Should Know Before You Try It

There are many reasons why athletes love to run and train at higher altitudes. As well as the challenge of pushing your body and fitness to the limit, the higher levels condition your system uniquely. Plus there’s the simple pleasure of exercising alone in the wilderness, taking in the tremendous views on offer at […]

The Truth About Stretching

Everybody knows that you should stretch before you workout. But what most people do not know is that experts have been warning against traditional pre-workout stretching for the past 10 years.

There’s more than one kind of stretching. The stretching most of us are used to, from gym class, is known as “static stretching”. […]