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Getting Stronger For An Easier Run

Strength training will of course make you stronger. But it can also make your run much easier!

There are tons of advantages to engaging in some amount of strength training for your lower body. Whether it’s squats or the leg press, here’s what a little extra strength can do for you:

Why […]

Review: FRS Healthy Energy and Healthy Protein

While I already did a review on FRS Healthy Energy when it launched a few years ago, FRS now has a new formula for their products, a new container, and even a completely new recipe with protein.

There’s a new formula for FRS Healthy Energy. The big difference is that it contains less sugar […]

Take Zinc to Speed Recovery and Boost Your Immune System

If you are a runner, you understand just how important getting all your vitamins are, but can you recognize zinc deficiency symptoms? Do you know how much zinc you need and where to find it?

Why Do Runners Need Zinc?

Zinc is very important for a great variety of bodily functions and processes, but why […]

Use Tabata Sprints To Get In Shape Fast!

What are Tabatas?! Tabata Protocol sprints are actually a really cool way of getting in better shape really fast

Tabata sprints aren’t easy, but they improve your physical ability very quickly. Much faster than simply starting to jog again to get in shape.

What are Tabata Sprints?

Dr. Izumi Tabata was a researcher at […]