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Trail Running 101 – Learn Trail Running Etiquette

Trail running is a great way to add some variety to your workout. You’ll work new muscles on the uneven terrain and be surrounded by new sights, sounds and experiences. Also, running on a trail lets you enjoy nature at its finest.

Trail running is significantly different from street running. As such, you need […]

Dehydration: The Body’s Enemy

Waiting until you’re thirsty to drink is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make, whether out for a long run or just going about your daily life. Once you’re thirsty, you’re already experiencing the symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration leads to all sorts of issues from headaches to aging faster to death.

Cause of […]

How to Plan and Organize Your Very Own Charity Run

Charity runs are all the rage these days. Why? Because there are so many benefits. Charity runs can:

Raise funds for a good cause. Increase awareness for a charity among the local community. Enhance the overall physical health and wellbeing of participants. Offer a highly interactive form of entertainment. Let participants engage with the […]

Great Gifts for Runners – A Holiday Guide from Zappos.com

Holiday Gift Guide for the Runners on Your List (via Zappos)

Feel-good endorphins. There are a couple of good ways to get them pumping; you can catch a brisk morning run before work OR you can give great gifts that make the runners on your list very happy. These gifts should […]

Running for Weight Loss? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

People run for various reasons. Some runners enjoy the competition that is associated with races. Other individuals use running as a relaxation method. It is also common for weight-loss-hopefuls to shed pounds by running.

This last reason – running for weight loss – isn’t a bad idea. Not only does running improve heart muscles and […]