Dealing With Cold and Wet Weather While Running

Cold and wet weather – a formidable foe.

Cold and wet weather looks miserable but is bearable if you take the right precautions. You will want to get some Transpore medical tape, Vaseline, and some warm and/or waterproof clothing.

I use the medical tape over my nipples to prevent chafing, which is quite common, especially in wet weather. You can use the Vaseline in your armpits and crotch to reduce the friction from your arm motions. You can also put it on your face to stay warm.

For your head and face:

A fleece face mask is a good idea, especially in the winter, and look into those shorts or briefs that have a windproof panel up front. (You definitely don’t want wind chills, let alone frostbite, down there!)

Keeping your core warm:

One basic essential is the hooded sweatshirt. It’s great for moderately cold weather. Couple it with a waterproof outer shell if it’s cold and wet, and you should be all set. Just be sure to have a wicking undershirt underneath all that to keep your body dry.

Keep your feet warm:

Try some wool socks like a mentioned before. They should be enough to keep your feet warm and toasty. And don’t forget lined wind pants, which are very warm, especially if your legs are moving.

You can wear your Coolmax shirt as a base layer on chilly days to wick sweat away. If it’s not too cold, try a long-sleeve coolmax shirt.

Keep your hands warm:

What else is left? Gloves!

Your hands will freeze without gloves. I bought some polypro gloves which are pretty plain, but they’re made with a fabric that wicks sweat and keeps you dry. Definitely worth the investment.


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