Running Races (From 5k’s To Marathons)

The test of your fitness. Excruciating pain. Pride. It’s racing, something every runner should do at one point or another. You don’t even have to be competitive; lots of group runs and races are just fun social events! You can run or walk a local 5k event and probably help support a good cause at … Read moreRunning Races (From 5k’s To Marathons)

Proper Sports Nutrition for Optimum Running Performance

Nutrition is a vital part of any runner’s training program. It’s also a big part of your overall health. No matter how long you run, or how fast or slow you run, you should pay attention to what you are eating. Because you’re not just eating, you are fueling your body! This page will cover … Read moreProper Sports Nutrition for Optimum Running Performance

Training for Running, Jogging, and Even Racing

Here’s how to start out your running program. The #1 thing to remember is to start slow. I’ll give you an example training schedule, some basics on setting up your own plan, what I did, and some example workouts. You should also learn a bit about weight lifting and cross training, which will help your … Read moreTraining for Running, Jogging, and Even Racing

Running Clothes and Accessories

Here’s how to choose the right clothing and accessories for running. If you don’t have the right clothing, you’ll be uncomfortable when you run, and then you won’t run at all. Not all of this stuff is necessary (it’s perfectly fine to start out wearing a t-shirt and old gym shorts,) but some of it … Read moreRunning Clothes and Accessories