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An Athlete’s Perspective on Lasik

So you’re thinking about Lasik. I’m here to demonstrate how laser eye surgery affected my normal, everyday life.

First, just a little bit about me before I decided on Lasik Eye Surgery. I work for a small regional bank if central FL, but my passion is sports. I love anything and everything to do with […]

Avoid Running the Risk of Rhabdomyolysis

Whether you’re new to running or have been doing so for some time, are you aware of a condition known as rhabdomyolysis? At its basic level it occurs when exertion results in injury to the muscle fibers causing them to release their contents into the bloodstream; they then travel throughout the body exerting a range […]

Physiotherapy Exercises To Help Your Running Injuries (And Prevent Future Ones)

Whether it’s an acute injury or an ongoing one, it’s important that you undergo the proper physiotherapy to deal with your injury.

Sport England has reported that some 750,000 more people in the UK have started running or playing sport, which has inevitably brought with it a big increase in sports-related injuries.

However, sports […]

A Marathon Veteran’s Guide to Preventing Nipple Chafing

Until I started running long distances, I never thought it was possible to chafe in so many places!

I was used to riding my bike for 100 miles in one day without any such chafing issues, but when I started running 10 miles in a day, that’s when the problems started! I was chafing […]

How to Get Rid of Shin Splints

Shin splints can really be a hassle. If you’re an athlete, this can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and it may even hinder you from training exercises. However, with proper knowledge, you can overcome shin splints quickly.

What is the true cause of shin splints? Shin splints are usually caused by high impact […]

3 Secrets to Recover from a Muscle Injury Fast

This article on the 3 secrets to faster recovery from muscle injury is another great article to print out and file!

But first, confession time. Despite everything we know, old meatheads like me still end up hurting ourselves in the gym. But I’m lucky, because I heal quickly.

Now when you have a serious […]