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The 5 Best Supplements To Get You Energized! (And Calm You Down!)

Want more energy? I think we all do!

But when most of us think about getting energized, we think coffee. And energy drinks. And sports drinks. But sugar and caffeine, well, they might not be the best choices. Unless you like crazy jitters and sugar crashes!

So let’s consider a few ways you can […]

Dehydration: The Body’s Enemy

Waiting until you’re thirsty to drink is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make, whether out for a long run or just going about your daily life. Once you’re thirsty, you’re already experiencing the symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration leads to all sorts of issues from headaches to aging faster to death.

Cause of […]

Take Zinc to Speed Recovery and Boost Your Immune System

If you are a runner, you understand just how important getting all your vitamins are, but can you recognize zinc deficiency symptoms? Do you know how much zinc you need and where to find it?

Why Do Runners Need Zinc?

Zinc is very important for a great variety of bodily functions and processes, but why […]

Benefits of Protein for Runners (Post Workout Recovery Shake Recipes Included!)

Runners rely on efficiency. The record for a single squat is 1,250 pounds, but runners lift much more than that over time. If a runner weighs 125 pounds, then within ten steps, 1,250 pounds have been lifted. Obviously, these were not lifted all at once, as the weight is in a squat, and a […]

Researching the Effects of Bee Pollen on Runners

Bee pollen benefits were firstly discussed after the 1972 Olympics, when the coach of the Finnish team claimed the success obtained by her athletes was somehow linked with the pollen food supplements the team members were using before competitions. According to Antii Lananaki, the performances of the runners were improved by the natural product, […]

Staying Hydrated While Running

Your body always needs water – for a runner, though, staying hydrated is crucial. Your choice of the hydration method to use is up to you, of course, but this choice depends on three criteria:

1. Length of your running session 2. Scientific facts behind hydration 3. Your personal preference

Some people think energy […]