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First Look: Baby Quasar PLUS

No matter your lifestyle, after your 20’s, you’re on a downward path, both in terms of athletic potential and good looks. There are plenty of things you can do to hold off the aging process as long as possible, but it’s a losing battle.

Even if you eat your spinach every day!

I say […]

Review: FRS Healthy Energy and Healthy Protein

While I already did a review on FRS Healthy Energy when it launched a few years ago, FRS now has a new formula for their products, a new container, and even a completely new recipe with protein.

There’s a new formula for FRS Healthy Energy. The big difference is that it contains less sugar […]

Review: Tommie Copper Compression Calf Sleeves

Some people credit their running performance to compression socks. Some companies claim wearing their socks will take minutes off your marathon time.

Me? I just hope compression wear does something!

With that mindset, I tested out a pair of Tommie Copper Compression Calf Sleeves. These are a little different than knee-high compression socks because they […]

Review: Clif Bars

Whenever I hear Clif Bar, the first thing I think of is “a good tasting energy bar.” Clif Bar has been around for a long time, and they’ve been making energy bars that actually taste good since before it was cool.

It wasn’t all that long ago, you could go to the store and […]

Review: Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves

I’m sure you know what knee sleeves and knee braces are – if you don’t have any yourself, you’ve probably seen plenty of other runners wearing them.

But the product I’m reviewing today is a little different. I’m talking about the Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves, which combine standard compression garments with copper therapy.

I’ve […]

Review: Air Optix Night & Day Contacts

Don’t you just hate wearing glasses when running? They’re uncomfortable, easy to break, and they aren’t compatible with most sunglasses.

And what about contacts? They can be a pain to take out and clean every night.

Well, quite a few years ago I got these new contacts called Focus Night & Day contacts. The […]