How to Be a Runner

Ever wondered if one day you can join in a marathon, with a number on your shirt, and a winning pose at the finish line? Then wonder no more and make that dream come true! You do not have to be of Olympic caliber to run. But unless you have medical conditions that prohibits you … Read more

4 Benefits of Running with a Dog

When I started running, I felt very self conscious. I think many people are in that situation. Fortunately, I had my dog – whenever I felt awkward about going for a run, I told myself I had to do it because Guinness needed the exercise. Thanks to him, I persisted and now we both enjoy … Read more

5 Tips for New Runners

Perhaps the hardest thing about starting a new exercise routine is actually following through with it. Once you have committed to starting this new workout regime, you are half way there. Running is great for both mental and physical health for a variety of reasons and in order to reap the benefits, it pays to … Read more

How to Overcome Runners Mental Fatigue

One of the seldom mentioned challenges that runners face is not a physical one but a mental one. I remember how I gradually built up my running skills until I did two half-marathons each week. Then, for no obvious reason, I was suddenly fed up with it all. I just couldn’t perform those long distance … Read more