3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Gym Membership

We all know that running can be very good for a person’s health. It not only gets you out of your house (a miracle of its own in this day and age,) but you’re also working several sets of muscles, from your legs to your heart and lungs.

One of the great things about running is that, no matter where you live, you can take on this activity to at least some extent. However, some runners believe that they have to have a gym membership in order to jog successfully. This is not necessarily true. In fact, for most people and situations, it is not needed at all.

Anywhere Works For Keeping in Shape

You can run pretty much anywhere. Depending on where you live, there could be large parks where you can jog, or even the street in your own neighborhood might suffice. You don’t need the infinite level ground of a treadmill in order to run, and the natural inclines of the land help you build strength and tone a variety of muscles. For most areas of the country during most times of the year, weather is an excuse more than an actual obstacle. A little rain, snow, or heat aren’t life-threatening as long as you know your limits and pay attention to your body.

You could also head to a basketball court or a flight of stairs to do a variety of exercises, neither of which should cost you money to use. Staying home and just doing aerobics is also a frequent activity for healthy individuals.

Gym Memberships Cost Money

It should go without saying that joining a gym requires some form of payment. While some people do not think anything about it when the bill comes, others have more restrained budgets. A number of people that visit gyms do not even use most of what is available to them, opting instead to focus on something specific, such as building muscles or jogging.

This is a waste of money, and you could be using those funds for something else. You could save up for a vacation, buy a nice outfit, or do any number of things. The average costs for a monthly gym membership varies from $30 to $50, which can mean paying more than $400 a year. Unless you work out consistently and often and require a set of very specific and expensive machines to do so, you could forego the gym and keep that money in your pocket.

Friends and Family Members Work Best For Support

When a person enters a gym, chances are they will only come across strangers. They will not be familiar with the people using the machines right next to them, and this can be lonely. It can feel isolating and frustrating, especially if you are struggling with finding motivation to keep going. When you do your jogging outside, however, you can take friends, family members, and your dog along, making the activity more fun and rewarding.


Getting exercise does great wonders for the human body and mind. Some people work out by playing sports, while others simply jog or walk long distances. Joining a gym is a common trap that people with a healthy goal in mind fall into because they think that spending the money will force them to keep it up, but gyms are not needed to improve the body, and can end up costing a person hundreds of dollars during the course of a year. Instead of relying on institutions, you should try creative ways to jog and lead a more health-conscience and money-smart life.


About the Author:
Art Amador is an athlete and a financial consultant. He works to help others save money and those who’ve had difficult times during this recession get loans for poor credit. He thinks it’s important to save money and compare loans for rates and terms before making a selection.

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