An Athlete’s Perspective on Lasik

So you’re thinking about Lasik. I’m here to demonstrate how laser eye surgery affected my normal, everyday life.

First, just a little bit about me before I decided on Lasik Eye Surgery. I work for a small regional bank if central FL, but my passion is sports. I love anything and everything to do with them. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and track and field in high school and continued to enjoy athletics at intramural and city league levels. Since high school, I’ve been an avid participant in endurance sports, mainly running, cycling, and swimming. I’ve also worn glasses since I was 7 and contacts from age 10. As you can imagine, glasses and sports at grade school level don’t mix and by my late elementary years I was begging my parents for contacts.

I’ve recently decided to consider the possibility of laser eye surgery. Don’t get me wrong, contacts are great, but there are countless little inconveniencies that pop up including itchy or ripped lenses, the “ Oh no! Nobody move, help me find my lens!!” – not to mention the constant upkeep and cost of replacements.  In sports these little inconveniences have started to wear on me and the laser eye surgery idea has started to become considerably more attractive.

I’d been chatting with a fellow swimmer friend of mine and she had been telling me about her Lasik surgery and just raved about how it was so amazing to wake up in the morning and be able to see perfectly, how she didn’t have to worry about swimming with goggles, or updating her contact prescription every year.

I was honestly jealous at the kind of freedom she was tempting me with! Having a family history of eye disease and knowing that cataracts and glaucoma run in my family, I’ve always been on top of my eye health and new procedures and have heard lots about Lasik and corrective eye surgery. I decided to schedule an appointment with my eye doctor and sure enough, I was an ideal candidate for the surgery! He described all of the in’s and out’s of the procedure and gave me plenty of literature to read to educate myself with. After asking some friends about recommendation from other Lasik folks, I decided on a doctor.  It’s one of the best things I could have done for my active lifestyle and myself!

I’ve been able to enjoy the things that I forgot could be so carefree without glasses – swimming, cycling, etc.  I’m happier at work as I can read everything and anything whether it is in small print or a screen further away. Just waking up in the morning and being able to look around and not have fuzzy vision is worth it alone. I am whole-heartedly in support of laser eye surgery and recommend you go visit your eye doctor today if you are even thinking about it just a little. Hope this helps some of you who are on the fence about the procedure!

About the Author:
Holly Matthews is an avid sports fan and athlete who spends her free time enjoying activities such as swimming, cycling, and playing basketball. She also has a long family history of eye disease and bad vision giving her firsthand knowledge of diseases like glaucoma and retinal detachment along with familiarity of cataracts and laser eye surgery.

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