How to Get Rid of Shin Splints

Shin splints can really be a hassle. If you’re an athlete, this can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and it may even hinder you from training exercises. However, with proper knowledge, you can overcome shin splints quickly.

What is the true cause of shin splints? Shin splints are usually caused by high impact on one’s heels. For instance, if you do hurdling exercises, running, long jump, pole-vaulting, and jump rope, these activities may lead to shin splints. Wearing old or improperly fitting shoes, hard and rough running surfaces, and even too much training can cause this, too.

Shin splints can cause pain and interfere with training, but with proper care you can put them in the past and move on. Read the steps below to discover proven techniques to reduce and even eliminate them.

So how can we get rid of shin splints?

1. Wear new shoes.

As much as possible, replace old shoes such as those you’ve been using for training for the past three months. Running shoes help cushion your legs when you run so look for a good pair of shoes that will fit you well to avoid having shin splints.

2. Avoid running on hard, rough surfaces.

Look for soft surfaces where you can run such as a dirt trail or a grassy area. When you run on the pavement, your legs encounter additional stress which can cause shin splints. Also, avoid switching back and forth from hard to soft surfaces when you run.

3. Take a break.

Try to rest when your legs already feel tired from running and other physical activities. When you’re training, try to get a few days or weeks off.

4. Don’t run when your shin hurts.

When you’ve got that painful feeling in your shins, better stop running or doing strenuous physical activity. Observe how your shin feels. Sometimes this may occur after running a mile while other times, this may last longer. Remember, don’t run any longer if you feel that your shins can’t take it anymore. Eventually, your shins will get better and stronger. Just take note that if you need some rest, you can still keep in shape by doing alternative exercises such as swimming or biking.

5. Lose some weight.

Many people in their twenties are already gaining some extra weight. With too much weight gain, your shins and knees won’t be able to take the same pounding that they used to during your younger, slimmer days. So try to watch your weight. Eat less food that is rich in fats and sugar. Also, try to exercise regularly. You can try doing some feet and calf exercises to supplement your running.

As you can see, there are a few things you can try doing in order to cure your shin splints. Go with what works best for you!

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