The 5 Best Supplements To Get You Energized! (And Calm You Down!)


Want more energy? I think we all do!

But when most of us think about getting energized, we think coffee. And energy drinks. And sports drinks. But sugar and caffeine, well, they might not be the best choices. Unless you like crazy jitters and sugar crashes!

So let’s consider a few ways you can get that uplifted, energized feeling, without the negative side effects…

1. Maca root

Many athletes are testing Maca root supplements for increased energy, and for good reason. It increases endurance, as well as fertility and libido! 😉 You can take capsules or sprinkle powder on your foods.

2. Spirulina

Greens powders are awesome and an influx of healthiness gives most people a whopping energy boost! Spirulina is likely the most potent of the greens, so look at something like Spirulina Manna powder for a quick pick-me-up each morning.

3. MCT oil

Did you know that fats are good for energy? Well, not all of them. But Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are different because they are easily digested. Call me crazy but you might even consider some MCT oil instead of an energy gel for your next workout.

And how about at the end of the day, when you’re probably still stressed out, but need to relax and get to sleep?

Well, a long run certainly works wonders for this! But that’s not always possible. So… consider these supplements.

4. Ashwagandha

This is generally used to cope with daily stress and help your body relax at night. If you have anxiety issues or trouble sleeping, this might be useful. It comes in tablet form and as a liquid.

5. Melatonin

This is a hormone your body produces, and it’s in charge of controlling your sleep and wake cycles. Supplementing with it can be very helpful, especially during the winter when days are shorter (since less sunlight means less melatonin production in your body.) The tablets are fairly inexpensive, though you may prefer the ease of use by getting it in a spray bottle.

Then, the better you sleep, the more energy you have the next day!

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