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A good energy drink is hard to come by. Store shelves are stocked with energy drinks that are basically cans of soda filled with extra herbs, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients I don’t want anywhere near my body. Oh yeah, they also contain about a year’s worth of caffeine in one can!

Then when you start looking for healthy energy drinks, you are bombarded with network marketers pushing their various “super juices” made with all kinds of exotic fruits and berries “proven” to make you look 10 years younger, give you six-pack abs, and cure cancer. All you have to do is join their downline and you’ll all those results, plus a big paycheck…

So what is a tired, thirsty runner to do? Just it back and keep reading, because I have managed to find one healthy energy drink amongst the thousands of imposters!

This energy drink is called FRS Healthy Energy, and it has that hard-to-find combination of healthy ingredients and a long-lasting energy boost. (Before this, if you wanted a real energy boost, you had to resort to those “heart attack in a bottle” type drinks.)

frs energy drink cans

The healthy ingredients.

To start off, FRS is packed with healthy, natural ingredients. Main ingredients consist of water, organic evaporated cane juice, white grape juice concentrate, and natural flavors. (The only exception is that the low calorie versions contain sucralose to cut down on calories.)

Along with those main ingredients, the two very important ingredients are Quercetin and Green Tea Extract. These are two powerful antioxidants which fight off damaging free radicals, improve your immune system, boost metabolism, and of course, boost your energy levels. On top of that, the other vitamins and minerals in FRS provide 280% DV of Vitamin C, 270% DV of Vitamin E, 130% DV of Thiamin, 130% DV of Riboflavin, 100% DV of Niacin, and 130% DV of both Vitamins B6 and B12.

How powerful is this? A can of FRS contains the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of blueberries, 8 servings of red onions, or a whopping 10 servings of raspberries.

The energy boost.

While FRS contains only as much caffeine as 1/3 cup of coffee, it provides a massive energy boost that lasts all day long. The secret behind FRS is that the potent antioxidants destroy free radicals that cause you to lose energy, allowing your body to harness its natural energy to its fullest potential.

It sounded strange until I tried it, after which I was simply amazed at the results. If I have a can of FRS in the morning, I have the energy to complete a hard workout and do a full day at work, with energy left over to run errands or do yardwork in the evening. I used to lay on the couch half the day if I did a hard workout, but now I’m up and active all the time!

Sometimes I will have two servings in one day, especially if I’m doing a hard workout, but one serving is usually all I need.

The FRS flavor options.

frs energy chews

FRS comes in a variety of flavors and an array of options. You can get FRS in ready-to-drink cans, powder, concentrated liquid, and even little chews that are like candy. It also comes in “all natural” and “low calorie” options in the following flavors: orange, lemon lime, peach mango, and wild berry.

I would have to say the cans taste the best because they are pre-mixed by the factory to ensure the perfect consistency, but the liquid concentrate is nearly identical. Both of them are a lot like fruit juice (definitely not your typical energy drink.) The powder that you mix yourself doesn’t result in a perfect flavor, but it mixes alright, especially if you shake it in a water bottle. Finally, the FRS chews are my favorite, because they taste like candy and I can easily carry and eat them while running.

Overall, the lemon lime flavor was great, and I think it will go over well with us runners who are used to lemon lime as the standard flavor of most sports drinks (including the ones at aid stations during races.) The other flavors are good, too, but with the low calorie drinks you do get a slightly odd aftertaste due to the artificial sweetener.

Where to get FRS.

I have seen a few retailers carrying FRS, but your best bet is probably to order from FRS directly to stock up.

They offer a free trial, but you can skip that if you prefer (I would) and just buy what you want direct from their store.

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