4 Benefits of Running with a Dog

When I started running, I felt very self conscious. I think many people are in that situation. Fortunately, I had my dog – whenever I felt awkward about going for a run, I told myself I had to do it because Guinness needed the exercise. Thanks to him, I persisted and now we both enjoy a healthy pastime.

There are many reasons why dogs make the best running buddies. Here are some of the reasons I love running with Guinness.

1. Safety.

My dog makes me feel safer. As a woman running alone, there are times when I feel a little vulnerable. I think that the sight of my big black Kelpie running beside me would make anyone think twice about hassling me.

2. Dogs are always ready.

Guinness is always ready to run. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or evening, or if I’m going out for half an hour or two hours. I know I’ll have company.

3. Good company.

Have you ever gone for a run with a friend who talked a lot, and all you wanted to do was get lost in the silence of your thoughts? You’ll never have to worry about that with a dog. I often chat to Guinness while we’re out pounding the footpath, but if I fancy a quiet run, he’s happy with that too.

4. Dogs need to run!

Guinness is a working breed, and like many other working breeds, he needs to burn up his excess energy. Dogs that aren’t able to do this become destructive and unhappy. Running is good for his emotional health, as well as his physical health. As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Are there any disadvantages to a four legged running partner? There are, and they all relate to the back end. It’s not pleasant to have to pick up poop and carry it with me while I run, but it’s necessary. I have a little plastic lined fanny pack and some small plastic bags with me at all times, so I can clean up after Guinness. Being a male, Guinness finds it absolutely essential to pee on anything that is vertical, whether it is a tree, a light pole, or a fence. This is frustrating.

The benefits of taking your dog for a run far outweigh the inconvenience, and your dog will love you for it. Why not give it a try?

About the Author:
Today’s article about the benefits of running with a dog is from Audrey, owner of Poochto5k.com. Check out her site to learn more about running with your dog.

2 thoughts on “4 Benefits of Running with a Dog”

  1. Thanks for the tips Audrey! Reading this made me want to get a dog for a running partner!

    It’s very true but kind of funny that taking a dog running with you is great for safety, but encountering strangers’ dogs while out running alone can be very unsafe!

  2. Loved your article. I run with my dog too. He is the greatest running parter; he’s always ready to go and he’s the strong and silent type. Lol.

    Being a long-haired breed, the only time he wants to stop before I am done is if it is too hot out. (We live near the desert.) Otherwise, he’ll keep going as long as I will. Usually he is still ready to run and play even after we get home from our most grueling runs.


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