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Running Shoe Selection – High Arch

If you have a high arch, you are most likely an underpronator. You will be looking for shoes with extra cushioning that have a semi-curved shape to help promote normal pronation movement. Just continue with the guide and you’ll see the right shoes for you.

Choose your body type below and get a list of shoes that should work for you:

I have a high arch and a…

high arch foot
high arch

Medium to Large Frame (Men 180+ lb; Women 150+ lb)

Small to Medium Frame

Small to Medium Frame (and I run fast!)


Our shoe selection guide has been created specifically to work with RoadRunnerSports.com.








Medium to Large Frame
(Men 180+ lb; Women 150+ lb)

adidas A3 Mega Ride
adidas AdiStar Cushion

adidas Equipment Ride
Brooks Epiphany 2
Mizuno Wave Creation 6
Nike Shox TL2
Reebok Premier Ultra DMX II

Saucony 3D GRID Triumph 2












Small to Medium Frame

adidas Boston Classic
adidas Supernova Cushion
Brooks Glycerin 3
Brooks Radius ’05
Mizuno Wave Rider 8

New Balance 878
New Balance 880
New Balance 754
Nike Air Pegasus 2005
Nike Air Max Moto 3
Nike Shox 2:45

Nike Shox Oz
Saucony GRID Jazz X
Saucony GRID Trigon 3
Saucony GRID Jazz 8
Saucony GRID Shadow 9
Saucony Shadow 6000















Small to Medium Frame
(and I run fast!)

adidas Adios Lightstrike
ASICS GEL-Speedstar
Mizuno Wave Precision 5
New Balance 833

Nike Air Skylon 3
Nike Free 5.0

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