Slip Out of That Sweaty Sports Bra and Into Something Fancy (For Valentine’s Day!)


As a runner, your sports bras are definitely your #1 most important bra. Which is also your #1 most important piece of sportswear!

If you’re out doing a Valentine’s Day 5K, you’ll be wearing one. Sure it might be red or pink if you’re in the holiday spirit, but it’s probably not something you’d wear to date night.

So, what do you do after you run and get cleaned up?

It’s probably time for something fancier. Something with lace. Something sexy!

I don’t know exactly how to help you in this regard, but I’ll tell you, from a guy’s perspective, just about anything like you see in the picture is going to be well received!

Fortunately, I got a few tips from the website.

If you’ll be wearing a t-shirt (maybe it’s a casual date,) a “nude” color bra is going to be invisible, even under whites and lights. Apparently red is too! But don’t take it from me – they have a bra recommended by Oprah!

If you’re dressing up a little bit more, you might need a strapless bra to make your outfit work. In this case, look for silicone strips on the back wings of the bra. That will keep it from slipping down.

Now, if you’re really dressing up, it’s time for a sexy lacy bra. Pair it with a sheer silk shirt for an extra flirty look! This is going to cost more than your typical sports bra, but ideally you’ll care for it gently, and it will last a while.

That’s what you need to know!

Speaking of LeMystere, they actually sell sports bras like the Energie Sport, but I’d say, go with the Isabella for your big date!


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