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An Athlete’s Perspective on Lasik

So you’re thinking about Lasik. I’m here to demonstrate how laser eye surgery affected my normal, everyday life.

First, just a little bit about me before I decided on Lasik Eye Surgery. I work for a small regional bank if central FL, but my passion is sports. I love anything and everything to do with […]

Eyewear Guide for Runners: 3 Options to Try

When it comes to participating in sports and other types of exercise, anyone who wears glasses knows that it can become both uncomfortable and annoying to perform with eyewear on. And yet, most of us need our glasses to see, especially when we’re moving around in unfamiliar territory.

Runners who eschew their regular eyewear […]

Review: Air Optix Night & Day Contacts

Don’t you just hate wearing glasses when running? They’re uncomfortable, easy to break, and they aren’t compatible with most sunglasses.

And what about contacts? They can be a pain to take out and clean every night.

Well, quite a few years ago I got these new contacts called Focus Night & Day contacts. The […]

Which Contact Lenses Are Best for Sports – and Why!

Whether you exercise for fun or are a serious competitor, having the best visual correction is paramount for both performance and comfort. Even for those people who do minimal exercise, the last thing you want to be worrying about is an uncomfortable contact lens or your glasses steaming up!

Provided you are suitable, contact […]