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Runner’s Resource aims to be a complete resource for runners. In order to do this, we share articles from many authors so that we have as many viewpoints and opinions as possible.

If you are an experienced runner, nutritionist, dietitian, author, or even just a new runner with something on your mind, let us know! If we like your idea, it could be published on RunnersResource.com for the world to see!

To make things easier on everyone involved, we have some guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to writing for us. Please read these guidelines before contacting us:

Article Requirements

  • Article length must be 400 words or more. 500-700 words is ideal, although longer articles are graciously accepted.
  • Article must be well-written, unique (not published anywhere else,) and useful for runners.
  • You must include an author name (pen names are fine) and author bio.

Promoting Your Name and Website

  • You are allowed to include an “Author Bio” at the bottom of your article to talk about yourself.
  • On-topic links are allowed to be included in the article.
  • A maximum of two self-serving links are allowed in the article and Author Bio.
  • Do not include links to websites about fad diet pills, online pharmacies, gambling, or anything illegal.

Proper Formatting and Submission

  • RunnersResource.com uses the WordPress editor. Please format your article for this. (You can use this document as an outline.)
  • You can use “h2” and “strong” tags for headings and subtitles when applicable. (If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry.)
  • Use proper capitalization in the article title.
  • Email the article to us as a .txt attachment to FARTLEK [at] RUNNERSRESOURCE [dot] COM. You can submit a Microsoft Word document if you prefer.

Tips to Getting Published

  • Please send me your idea for an article, along with your URL, before writing your article.
  • It is best if you have an article idea ready before contacting me; if not, at least provide me with your background so I can suggest an idea.
  • I will format your article as necessary to match the rest of the site, but submitting it already formatted (as in the outline) is a big help!
  • If it’s obvious you did not read this page, I will delete your email without responding.

Time to Publish

  • New articles are typically posted Monday-Thursday. In some cases, posts are already scheduled for two weeks in advance. I will publish your article as soon as the schedule allows, or when I think it would fit best. Contact me with any questions.

Guest Article Examples

Here are examples of good quality guest posts:


I tried to explain everything relevant here, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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