Barefoot Guide: Why Run Barefoot?

If you are not yet running barefoot, you’re probably asking yourself, why the heck would I want to run barefoot?

That’s totally understandable, given the current view that wearing big, cushy running shoes is just common sense. But is it really so great to be wearing running shoes? That’s debatable.

More and more research is showing that the adoption of running shoes has not actually decreased the number of injuries amongst runners. And if your shoes aren’t keeping you safe, what good are they? It sounds like they are an expensive way to weigh down your feet and slow you down!

To further convince you, here are the reasons why you should consider running barefoot:

1. Your form improves instantly.

No more heel striking. Heel striking hurts really bad without cushy shoes, so you start running on your mid-foot. This is a more efficient way to run.

2. Strengthen your feet.

In big shoes, your feet are just along for the ride. They become “dumb.” When barefoot, your feet are forced to do their job, and working them makes them stronger.

3. Save money.

Why spend $100 or more on new running shoes every three months if you don’t need to?

4. It just feels right.

Running barefoot just feels right. And it gives you a greater sense of adventure and a connection to nature.

5. Fewer injuries.

Yes, you can actually cut down on injuries by ditching your shoes. Since going barefoot forces you to run with proper form, you decrease the stress on your body. Problems such as shin splints become a thing of the past.


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  1. Barefoot running helps me a lot in improving my running experience and enjoy this sport a lot. I use a barefoot sandals that I got from whenever I run.


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