Running Races (From 5k’s To Marathons)

The test of your fitness. Excruciating pain. Pride.

It’s racing, something every runner should do at one point or another. You don’t even have to be competitive; lots of group runs and races are just fun social events!

You can run or walk a local 5k event and probably help support a good cause at the same time.

Even for the bigger, more competitive races, only a small percentage of the field will be racing to win. Most competitors will be out for fun or to set a personal best.

So remember – you don’t need to be fast to enter a race! Just be sure to line up further in the back, so you don’t interfere with the fast runners who will almost be sprinting off the start line.

Registering for a race is a great way to stay motivated!

One source of event listings is, or you can check out listings at I suggest looking for races in your area, and if you find one, set a goal for yourself to run it. It’s a good idea to plan this in advance for two reasons. First, you can probably save money if you pre-register early. Second, having the race in the future is good motivation to keep training consistently.

If you know anyone else that runs, get them to come along. It’s a lot of fun to test yourself and compare war stories after the race, while enjoying free post-race food!


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