Running With Music (MP3 Players)

Want to listen to music while you run? I sure do.

The best choice is to get an mp3 player. When it comes to running, an mp3 player can’t be beat.

MP3 players are small, lightweight, durable, hold lots of music, and they’re not even that expensive.

Don’t bother carrying a radio or CD player along – they are too bulky. You can get a tiny mp3 player and clip it to your shorts or an arm band. You won’t regret it, especially since a basic mp3 player can be purchased for $30 or less.

My personal favorite mp3 player for running is the Sandisk Sansa Clip. I’ve purchased four of them (for myself and friends.)

What I don’t recommend is carrying an expensive iPod with you when running. Think if you drop it in the dirt, rocks, or water! You just lost lots of money!

Instead of talk too much here, I’ll direct you to another website. It’s called MP3 Player guide and you should check it out for a complete mp3 player buyer’s guide and many reviews.

Here’s the link:

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