Barefoot Guide: Further Improvement of Running Form

Running form is very important when going barefoot. Going barefoot naturally shifts your stride. This is a good thing. You get more of a mid-foot strike. That comes by necessity, since a barefoot heel strike hurts! But to continue to progress, get faster, lessen chance of injury, pay attention to your form and try to … Read moreBarefoot Guide: Further Improvement of Running Form

Barefoot Guide: Dangers of Running Barefoot

Remember how I said barefoot running can help to reduce injury? Well, that’s true, but it’s not the full story. There are definitely some dangers to watch out for when running barefoot. You actually open yourself up to quite a few new injuries. Injuries from stepping on thorns and glass. Burns from hot pavement, deep … Read moreBarefoot Guide: Dangers of Running Barefoot

Barefoot Guide: “Barefoot” Shoe Options

You probably won’t be running completely barefoot every time, especially when it comes to long distance runs, rough terrain, and winter weather. (Heck, I love to go barefoot, but I still only go barefoot in grass fields and indoors.) So I’m going to list some barefoot-style shoes that will allow you to run more naturally … Read moreBarefoot Guide: “Barefoot” Shoe Options

Barefoot Guide: Transitioning to Barefoot Running

Now that you’re thinking of trying this barefoot running idea, you have to know how to transition into barefoot running. You can’t just ditch your shoes and go run a marathon! There’s a huge difference between Kenyans (who typically run barefoot since they first learn to walk) and most Americans who have spent the past … Read moreBarefoot Guide: Transitioning to Barefoot Running

Barefoot Guide: Barefoot Running vs Minimalist Running

Now you know why it’s a good idea to try running barefoot. But before we go any further, I want to make an important point. There is a difference between “barefoot running” and “minimalist running,” even though most people classify them both under the “barefoot” label. Barefoot running. Barefoot running is actually running barefoot. This … Read moreBarefoot Guide: Barefoot Running vs Minimalist Running

Barefoot Guide: Why Run Barefoot?

If you are not yet running barefoot, you’re probably asking yourself, why the heck would I want to run barefoot? That’s totally understandable, given the current view that wearing big, cushy running shoes is just common sense. But is it really so great to be wearing running shoes? That’s debatable. More and more research is … Read moreBarefoot Guide: Why Run Barefoot?