Core Conditioning Workouts and Exercises for Runners

Core conditioning. It’s more than just doing crunches. It involves all the muscles of your core, including each group of abs, obliques, back muscles, and hip flexors. You might not realize it, but these muscles are integral to all sports – and anything that requires moving your body.

Doing this sort of workout can help you to reduce injuries, run with better form, and maintain that form even when your legs fatigue.

Granted, the best way to improve your running is to run. But, you can only run so much before it takes a serious toll on your body. By incorporating core conditioning into your everyday training, you can get some much-needed cross training while increasing your stamina so you can run longer in the future.

You can find some example exercises at and

This article at really goes deep into the issue of the core, so check that out if you are really into it. But however much you read, it is not going to help that much. The key is to actually do the exercises!

If you can read some articles and turn that into a workout, great. If not, or if that just does not get you motivated, you might want a DVD with a workout all ready for you.

Enter Cyclo-Core ( It is an awesome workout (ie. it’s hard!) and just what you need. It is more expensive than the other option, but can you put a price on your health?

The program was actually designed for cyclists, but little did they know they were crafting a great program for runners at the same time!

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