How a Relaxing Environment Can Improve Your Race Performance

The start of every race is always a stressful time for racers. No matter how good you are or how many races you’ve won the butterflies never go away. So if you can’t get rid of the butterflies, what do you do?

Manage it. That’s right. You’ve got to learn how to work with it. One way to do so is by going to a relaxing environment.

Here’s how a relaxing environment can improve your race performance.

First, a relaxing environment will help you calm down and control your anxiety. One of my favorite places to relax in is my private meditation room at home. It has thick wall to wall carpeting, throw pillows and an indoor Japanese fountain in one corner. A relaxing environment calms the nerves. When you are calm you will be able to focus better and this will give you an edge of the other racers.

Second, a relaxing environment will get you “in the zone.” I know of one racer who goes to the chapel beside his house before every race. The chapel is a small brick and mortar building right next to the woods. There are trees all around it and the only sound you can hear are of birds chirping. Its definitely one of the most relaxing places I have ever visited. Most racers race not because of the money but for the love of the game. But in contests, you can get so nervous that you forget this fact. Going to a quiet secluded spot can help you forget your fear, get you in the zone and psych you up to win that race!

Third, a relaxing environment can help you visualize. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get what you want. According to studies, athletes who use visualization end up doing a better job than those who only practice. But how can you visualize if you feel like throwing up? A relaxing environment will calm you down and help you visualize crossing that finish line first.

These are only a few of the benefits a relaxing environment provides. So the next time you get nervous before a big race, try visiting your favorite relaxation place and experience these benefits yourself.

About the Author:
Amy C. is an interior decoration aficionado and online marketer. She also likes testing and trying new home and office decorating themes. In addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing calming indoor fountains and glass art. Amy invites you to browse her delightful collection of glass vases.

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