Review: Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves

I’m sure you know what knee sleeves and knee braces are – if you don’t have any yourself, you’ve probably seen plenty of other runners wearing them.

But the product I’m reviewing today is a little different. I’m talking about the Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves, which combine standard compression garments with copper therapy.

I’ve been testing these knee sleeves all summer, and they forced me to ask the question, “is this the cure for runner’s knee?!”

If that got your attention, you should read my story…

A while back, I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella, which is an overuse injury. It means the cartilage in my knee is wearing away. It’s pretty much what everyone calls “runner’s knee.”

I blame it on lots of miles in big protective running shoes, with terrible running form. (My form has improved greatly thanks to ChiRunning and some barefoot running, but that’s another story.) I also spent some time on an ill-fitting stationary bicycle back in my college days.

The point is, my knees aren’t what they used to be. I can stay pretty active without a problem (running, lifting weights, playing soccer and basketball, etc.,) but my knees will get sore from long or hard days of exercise.

Most of the time, I will wear knee braces to relieve the pain. Problem is, knee braces aren’t very comfortable during exercise! And those “knee sleeves” at the drugstore don’t do a thing for me.

But I put this Tommie Copper sleeve on, and within a minute, I knew it was something else! It’s hard to explain, but my knee felt different, almost back to normal! And somehow it seemed to support my knee, even though it’s totally flimsy compared to my knee brace.

I hesitate to say it was like magic, because then it sounds like those bracelets you see on the infomercials that are a total scam – and I don’t want to associate the two. And of course, my knees still get sore sometimes, so it’s not like this sleeve made every single ache and pain vanish.

So it boils down to this:

I don’t know if it’s the compression, the copper, or the combination of both, but this Tommie Copper sleeve works! Heck, it could be a placebo effect, but the point is, it works for me!

And it works well enough that, if you have any sort of knee pain whatsoever, I highly recommend picking up one or two of these sleeves. They’re $20 each, but they’re a lot cheaper than knee surgery, and a lot more comfortable than running in pain.

The website is

Lastly, I want to be clear how I came across this product. I was asked by Tommie Copper to trial the product, and I accepted the task.

I actually got my first sleeve for free. It was a pre-production sample from the company and I was testing it out. I ended up liking it enough that I bought two more at retail price! (The new ones seem to be made of slightly better fabric, and eliminated my one complaint which had to do with the thinness of the material.)

Unfortunately, one of the new sleeves I bought came with a small hole. But the hole was along a seam, so the fabric was fine – it was just a thread had come undone. I was able to sew it back together. It’s good as new now.

So like I said, if you have any knee pain, look into these Tommie Copper knee sleeves.

(If you don’t have knee pain but want to try something to aid post-workout recovery, consider the Tommie Copper compression calf sleeves.)

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Levi Bloom is the official product reviewer for Levi, an elite mountain bike racer, writes about cycling, running, and triathlon at

12 thoughts on “Review: Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves”

  1. I have to tell you thatI had my doubts about this knee sleeve. I wore it one day. I even slept in it. I had reasons to believe it didn’t work before because I have tried all kinds of knee rubs, bandages and almost everything. My doctor said I
    very severe arthritis in my left knee. So I have worn it for a whole day and night. I can tell you my pain is almost gone. I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!!
    I would recommend ANYBODY that has knee pain to please please get one. It is amazing. My brother introduced it to it. He kept telling me his pain was gone. I was skeptical but I tried it. Bam the pain is GONE. Thank you Tommie copper and Montel williams for making this product.

  2. I wish to order 1 Knee sleeve for a lady who measured 14 1/2″ at the sugessted area 5″ ablove the patellar. How do I order this???

  3. Tommie Copper clothing has left me GREEN, broke out in sores, arm, leg and feet edema, elevated levels of Copper in my blood tests and living in HELL with more CONSTANT pain and headaches then I had before wearing the clothing and CONSTANT itching. I can no longer walk every am, or ride my bike because of the imbalance I suffer. When my Dr saw me walking she advised I get a cane. Usually my trip to the Dr is once a year for my Physical, but lately I am constantly running back and forth to Drs, or the Hospital for Blood work. I grow an organic garden and have always been active in sports, but now spend more time in bed in HELLISH pain. I contacted the Tommie Copper Co, but got the run around. Tom Kallish, owner, founder, President, CEO, etc was always toooo busy to talk to me, instead sending me an email to contact his attorney. TC clothing is NOT made in the US as advertised but in China, Mexico and Domincan Republic by slave labor employees. Dom Rep pays $5-$10 per DAY for labor. The copper sewn into the clothing is cheaper if lead is added to it, so by slave labor making the TC clothing, Tom Kallish is NOT interested in your health, but only in his PROFIT MARGIN for himself. If Kallish was interested in anyone’s health, he would have been interested in how his clothing affected me and I am still suffering from it. Insurance will NOT pay for Heavy Metal Detoxing, so I requested that the TC Co pay for it since their clothing caused my numerous medical problems. Contact my attorney was Kallish reply, absolutely NO interest in my health. If anyone wants to see the pictures I took over the last several months to see how I reacted to Tommie Copper Clothing and am still suffering, send me an email.

  4. I was going to pain clinics and orthopedic specialists and going to p.t. I was using all the topical cremes and lotions, to no avail. My mom saw the Tommie Copper spot on Montel and told me about it. I figured, well it cant possibly be worse. I crossed my fingers and ordered the knee sleeve. I haven’t had to do ANY more p.t.! My knee pain is not completely gone, but totally manageable. Nothing short of miraculous. Imho.

  5. Here it is August and the sores still will not heal from my reaction to the Tommie Copper Clothing and my pain is much more severe. My Dr recommended I get a cane and they have now ordered an EMG because of the feelings in my legs and the reaction I had to the clothing. I am not the only one that has developed sores from the clothing as I have been reading others have too.

  6. Like others have said I can only speak for myself. I’m a 6’5″ 47 year old ex ball player (not pro) but enough in my life time that I have had to have knee reconstruction. My playing days are over but i still get out and play when ever I could but afterwards my knee would be swollen. This would affect my job as a police officer so i had to stop playing all together. I brought the knee brace (and socks) all I can say is that I feel a difference. There is no swelling afterwards and no pain. brought my 14year old son some due to the growth pains he was having in his knees. Only brought him one and he swears whichever knee doesn’t have the brace on hurts. I know that he will just have to out grow this but for now this works.

  7. I have never tried the product and they may work for some. But before you try GET AN ALLERGY TEST FOR COPPER! I bought a piece of costume jewelry that later was determined to have copper in it and I also had my skin under necklace turn green AND BROKE OUT IN THE SAME HORRIBLE SORES all over my body that the people here have claimed. I wasn’t aware of any allergy to any metal. My horrible knee pain and inflammation started after wearing this “innocent” necklace. 18 months later I need a knee replacement( I’m not a runner, I’m not obese( I could stand to lose 20 lbs or so) and I have never had a left knee injury in my life). The sores are in varying stages if healing but all the healed sores have scars. Both legs, thighs, arms, shoulders and breasts. I’m a 35 yr old woman who can’t bear to show her skin and can’t work as a Respiratory Therapist as I was before cause I can only stand a couple of hours a day on my left knee. The Tommie Copper gear may be the miracle people speak of, just make sure you aren’t allergic to copper first. I only wore that small necklace for a few days and am still suffering the effects. And I diagnosed myself- I didn’t know what metal it was but I knew it was something in the necklace b/c within 48 hrs of buying it my knee was in agony and the sores were popping up everywhere. Reading the stories of people’s reactions to Tommie Copper products gives me hope that I positively did react to a metal and it seems now to be copper. So if you’re not allergic to copper, try these products and good luck.

  8. I also have runners knee and have tried all kinds of braces and vitamins to help with the minor (but annoying) pain around my knee cap. I picked up one of these copper sleeves expecting it to be a scam, but I was wrong, this thing actually does work. I have no idea how or why this flimsy little sleeve helps so much, but within about a minute of putting it on the pain was almost completely gone. A similar compression sleeve without copper did nothing for me at all, so I assume it’s the copper that’s helping. Makes me think I should get a copper suit, LOL.


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