Confessions of a Forty Year Old Jogger Blogger

Editor’s note: Welcome Joel Newman, who tells his story of “finding a new me” at age 40, by starting to run!

It all began when I was going to turn 40. I began noticing I was breathless after each time I climbed stairs, and when I walked my body suddenly seemed to be giving up on me. I had successfully become home to stubborn weight (without my knowledge) that was slowly killing my life. After all the years of working, and saving for all the fun at forty, I realized my body had given up! With a minimum of 48 hours a week at the desk in front of my computer, my 40th birthday hit me with the realization that the moment had arrived — I had to get my life back!

It had been years before I tried any exercise, but backed with my new found enthusiasm and no desire to invest into expensive gyms and trainers, I took up the all basic exercise – jogging. After starting off as a need to live my forties to the fullest, gradually I understood there is more to jogging than exercise.

More than just a routine workout.


Although jogging is by far one of the best ways to stay fit, my stint at jogging made me realize that it is the first step to feel free!

In those same lanes where you take your car to the workplace, the morning jog sets you free from burdens, the fresh air releases the mental blockages, and the simple jog helps you shift towards a lighter and fitter you, minus those extra pounds and the belly fat.


More than just weight-loss.

While jogging can burn stubborn fat, it is the key routine to boost your strength. As we all tend to be “flirty in our forties,” our body works in an opposite way. However, jogging gets your sexual desires and drive back on track as it strengthens your muscles along your legs, hips, and also the back. And, that is how I know why runners and athletes stick to jogging way into their old age! Jogging gave me more strength than what I had in my 20s!

Still more to jogging!

With mad work hours, and ambitious career plans, by my forties I was stuck overweight and obese. But with jogging becoming part of me, my life made a comeback in every way. Along with strength, fitness, and sexual drive, I got my sleep back! Jogging as an exercise serves to get you enough sleep and never invite insomnia. Moreover it acts as a stress buster and I’m not exaggerating when I say that many of my bright business ideas come to me while I am jogging.

With the whole world changing around me, I gained confidence to lead an active life. My prolonged depression soon didn’t need pills any longer.

And, above all I found a new me — a man who enjoyed both physical and mental happiness, who is thrilled by running at an age when the body tends to put you down, and who is now kicked by what I call a ‘runners high’ every time I jog!

About the Author:
Joel Newman is a fitness freak who likes to share his experiences with fellow bloggers. Presently he is into research on hgh.

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