You Can’t Just Do a Marathon – My Take on Endurance Training Basics

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by an unnamed marathoner in the UK. I thought this was a great reminder of how marathon training goes in reality.

Last year I was committed to do a marathon. No joke, I was completely up for it. I was training and preparing for it through my diet and my nutrition, and I was ready to go. Unfortunately I tore my ACL during a rather intense game of netball, and that put an end to that idea. Now, over six months later, I’m well and truly on the path to recovery, and I’m back up for some endurance training again!

You see, you can’t just do a marathon, it doesn’t happen like that. And if you try, you will probably either injure yourself or make yourself seriously ill so in the long run it’s just not worth it! Appropriate training and preparation combined with the right diet and nutrition can help you to get the body and the stamina that you need to really perform at your maximum.

So where did I start training? Well if you are planning a marathon then here are a few training tips that I would look at adding into your regime:

  • Intervals – I have always found interval training to be a really great way to build up my stamina quickly and these types of intervals can play a crucial role in giving you both short bursts of energy and the ability to operate over a longer distance. In turn this can really reap rewards for you when it comes to covering the longer distance of a marathon
  • Swimming – If you do have access to a pool then I would really recommend taking a swim and although you might feel that this is unrelated to endurance training, that is simply not the case! Swimming is a great way to help build up strength and stamina and it’s a relatively low impact sport that won’t cause any joint damage at the same time!
  • Strength – Strength training plays a crucial role in the way that you are able to build and sustain your stamina, so if you are looking to really amp up your endurance training it’s important that you have the muscle strength to keep going time and time again.

Sports nutrition can also play a crucial role in your performance during a marathon. In addition to making sure that you eat properly, you need to make sure that you are taking any appropriate endurance supplements to support your strength and maintain your muscle mass throughout your training schedule. This can include Omega-3 Fish Oil to help with bone and joint structure, in addition to calcium and various other vitamins which can help to ensure that your strength is supplemented by a solid nutritional base.

A good mixture of nutrition and training can help you prepare for any type of endurance event. So what are you waiting for? Get involved with your next marathon!

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