How to Be a Runner

Two females, possible a mother daughter team, jog barefoot on the Morro Strand Beach

Ever wondered if one day you can join in a marathon, with a number on your shirt, and a winning pose at the finish line? Then wonder no more and make that dream come true! You do not have to be of Olympic caliber to run. But unless you have medical conditions that prohibits you from taking up this worthwhile exercise, be assured that running is something that you can do and incorporate into your daily routine.

A time commitment is perhaps the most important factor as you would want to develop a regular habit of running. Schedule a time or a day for you to run and be consistent if you want to be a full-pledged athlete soon. But start slow.

Don’t push yourself right away. Instead combine walking and jogging initially especially if it has been a while that your body has been exercising. Say, just walk on the first day for 10 minutes, then include a jog for a minute or two on the next day, increasing the time to 20 minutes. Then gradually increase the jogging time after a few days. Try to run a certain distance. Increasing it as you feel fit. Your body will then be able to cope with the stress better this way instead of subjecting it to high intensity right away. Such practice also prevents you from getting injury as you’ll be able to recognize what pace works for you and whether you are prone to certain types of pain and injury.

You must recognize the importance of rest too and giving your body time to heal. As your running pace improves, the tendency to increase the distance or speed is natural. But don’t work your body down up to the point that you are unable to function. You can opt for a tough run a day but be sure to keep the rate slower the next day or better yet have a break. Do not wear your muscles down too much, as recovery and improvement will be jeopardized and you’ll be risking yourself to injury or burnout.

As you start this venture of being a runner, you need not spend money on official running wear. But it is wise to spend and invest on a good pair of running shoes to keep your feet and muscles working at its optimum and thus keep you going for longer. As you become more and more comfortable in your run and find yourself wanting to challenge yourself in different conditions, then go ahead and do so. At this time, when the budget permits then buy those breathable shirts with weather proofing materials to protect you from harsh weather.

And why not consider signing up for a marathon and allow yourself ample time to train for it for a couple of months. Having something to look forward to is a good way to motivate yourself to keep jogging regularly until you are confident enough that you can finish that race.

Icing your muscles and joints while resting after a challenging run is also advisable. If you feel you need to, then take down some pain relievers to stop your muscles from inflammation. This helpful advice will keep you able to continue running and get ready for that much awaited marathon.

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  1. Hey guys. Tnx for the wel written text. I always wondering how to be a runner because i used to think that only athletic and well prepare people was able to do it. But after this report, i might start doing it!! So, just start!! Cheers


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