Running for Weight Loss

If you are thinking of healthy ways to lose weight that are fun and exciting at the same time, then why not consider running? In modern days, running has become a good exercise and a means of fitness. You can undoubtedly use running for health benefits and for specific purposes like weight loss. In this article, we will look into the role of running for losing weight.

Running burns calories

It is clear that running is a means to burn calories. An average person will have to run a mile to burn 100 calories.  For someone to lose weight, consistent running schedules are more than essential. Moreover, having long distance runs is the key while burning at least 500 calories or more a day is great. This can take you 1 hour or more of running. One good way to do it while starting out is to alternate runs and jogs, or even brisk walking within a session. But once tolerance is improved, you can then do more continuous runs, which of course would be an ideal thing to do.

Prerequisites of running

There are certain prerequisites for running that you need to face. One is diet. You can’t expect to go for long runs when you don’t have the energy to do so. That is why eating energy packed foods along with abundant nutrients is the best choice. You can get abundant nutrients and energy from a daily set of veggies and fruits. You may also have ‘lighter’ meals with low calorie food items like lean meat and whole grains. With such a healthy diet, your runs can be optimized.

A good body

You have the chance to mold your body into something better both inside and out. Weight loss is one good outcome but you can also improve cardiovascular health, breathing rate and the different muscles. Increasing fitness levels can further help you make long runs. The longer you run the more you lose weight and the more you see good results.

Make yourself available

The best way to burn fat and calories with running is to practice it regularly for at least 3 to 4 times a week. Get the motivation to do so. Weight loss can be a good motivation but you can also find some other cues such as picturing yourself running. You can also establish a network of friends who want the same results; with such company, it will be easier for you to join runs and other events related to it. Basically, joining marathon clubs and groups is a good way to crank up your schedules for running.

Runs as challenges

As we all know, running can be a real challenge but using this challenge for your benefit is the real aim. Turn your running sessions into challenges. One example is the length of your run. If you can only finish a certain amount of miles, then you can consider it as a challenge and try better next time. Another scenario could be the number of running sessions you do in a week. If you can’t run more than twice a week, try to beat the record and go for three and even better, four times. You can even consider your peers as a source of challenge by having mutually made races. There are certainly lots of opportunities to make running as a challenge. Always take this to your advantage.

Caution in running

It is always best to be cautious with your health. Make sure that you have the fitness to sustain runs. You can check this with your doctor once in a while. Another thing you should watch for is your appetite. Runners who have just started out may have a sudden burst of appetite due to the sudden loss of calories during extensive running. Take note of these for this may not help you lose weight.  The best approach would be to eat smaller sized meals but in a frequent manner. Through this way you can avoid the chance of overeating and also feeling hungry.

Running is great for everyone. It is perfect for weight loss and a whole lot more of other benefits.  You can absolutely try it out and see if it works for you. Start today!


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