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How to Choose the Right Running Shoe for Your Foot and Body Type

Have you ever walked into a proper running store, where an employee checks out your foot and running stride, and then presents you with one or two shoes that are “the right ones” for you?

How do they do that? Is there a magic 8 ball in the back of the store?

There’s actually a simple formula. What they do is match your foot type to certain shoes that are designed to match that foot type. Today I’d like to shed some light on how it all works.

On the following pages, you’ll find how to choose the right running shoe for your body. After selecting your foot’s arch type and your body type, we will present a list of running shoes that might work well for you. This is not a substitute for a professional running analysis, but it will show sneakers that are right for you.

Start by choosing your arch type:

I have a…

*Don’t know your foot type? Step in some water, then take a few steps on the concrete. You can match the footprint to the chart above.

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