Benefits of An Incline Trainer

nordictrack incline trainer

Incline training treadmills are becoming more and more popular. They can do so many more things than regular treadmills and have innumerable benefits.

Here are some of the major benefits of incline training that running on a flat surface just doesn’t have.


Switch Up Your Workout

Incline trainers allow for a little change of pace in your workout so you aren’t doing the same monotonous workout the whole time.

Working the same muscles doesn’t really do your body the good that you get from switching it up and working some different muscles. After a while of working the same muscles, it starts to become counter-productive. They will get used to the workout and not really improve anymore, that’s what makes doing different exercises so effective.

Better Workout

Along with that, incline training will give you a much better workout. It’s basically just amplifying a running exercise by working more muscles at a higher and more intense pace. Running on an incline will work your calves and thighs much more than running on a flat surface will. Incline running will multiply the amount of calories burned, allowing you to stay fit, and maybe even lose some weight.

Built-In Workout Apps

I would say that most treadmills have built-in workout applications. Which are specific programs designed for specific workouts. These apps are either classified by what type of workout it is, or even what race it is made to imitate. So most of them will be titled by which race it mimics. There are apps that will take you through a 5k, 10k, HM, or even a full marathon. The treadmills are programmed to take you through the suggested pace for each race, and some will even work with your incline trainer.

Run Anywhere!

Most modern treadmills will have some sort of syncing capability with Google Maps. This will let you run along the street view of where you choose to run. With this, they will usually have the ability to let Google Maps control the incline of wherever it is you are running. So if you are running on a street in Google Maps and you come upon a hill, the treadmill will automatically adjust the incline to match the street. This comes in very handy if you are preparing for a race, you can find the route and get a feel of the conditions before the race.

There are really no downsides or drawbacks to incline training. It helps prepare you for any type of race and will give you a great workout as well.

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