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The Correlation Between Running and Hair Loss

Running – and exercise in general – is a great way to enhance your body’s overall health. Running on a regular basis improves circulation, burns calories, decreases the chance of osteoporosis, encourages better sleep patterns, boosts the immune system and much more. However, not all side effects of running are healthy.

If done improperly, running […]

Dynamic Stretching for Runners

What exactly is dynamic stretching? Simply put it is a great way to make sure your body is ready for a workout. Dynamic stretching is using gentle motions to slowly increase the natural range of motion of a particular movement. It is becoming increasingly popular as a way to warm up because people have […]

Long Distance Running: A Health Hazard?

When famous ultramarathoner Micah True, 58, died in May of this year, general trust in the safety of marathon and long distance running waned a bit. The near-legendary “Caballo Blanco,” as he was known, died during a routine solo run near his home in Mexico.

The case of Mr. True is only the most […]

Runners: Gain an Edge with Strategic Weight Training

Running is a powerful form of exercise by itself, and it is well-established that athletic performance benefits most from repetitive participation in the particular sport. Other athletes benefit from hitting the gym, but runners often shun the gym as boring and potentially harmful to their goals.

Evidence shows you can also enhance running performance […]

Getting Stronger For An Easier Run

Strength training will of course make you stronger. But it can also make your run much easier!

There are tons of advantages to engaging in some amount of strength training for your lower body. Whether it’s squats or the leg press, here’s what a little extra strength can do for you:

Why […]

Running At High Altitude – What You Should Know Before You Try It

There are many reasons why athletes love to run and train at higher altitudes. As well as the challenge of pushing your body and fitness to the limit, the higher levels condition your system uniquely. Plus there’s the simple pleasure of exercising alone in the wilderness, taking in the tremendous views on offer at […]