How to Keep Your Brain Big and Sharp. Plus, Prevent Aging!

Did you know there’s more to brain exercise than the weekly crossword? Even Sudoku pales in comparison to other methods of brain training.

We might beat up our bodies on occasion, thanks to our running addictions, but physical activity is the best way to keep your brain healthy and prevent aging. Yes indeed. And it works in both children and adults. We have studies to prove this now.

So, no matter your age, start now!

There are two key components here for preventing the negative side effects of aging:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Learning

You need to keep learning! Learn new skills, the more unusual and creative, the better.

It could be learning a new language, learning a new sport (perhaps ice hockey or curling, something with precision skills involved,) hobbies (knitting, board games,) or heck, even video games!


My friends’ kids have been acing these games on their iPads. One company is called Agnitus (site is and the neat thing is they give you a report card based on game play. See if you can beat your kids’ scores!

Then, go for a run!!

(Bonus points if you get your kids outside and moving, too!)


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