Running: The Best Sport Ever… For Geeks?

You'd never know these two were geeks outside of running!
You’d never know these two were geeks outside of running!

What’s the geekiest sport? You may think it has something to do with Playstation or other game related activities. In reality, running can be considered one of the geekiest sports. It doesn’t make any sense? Keep on reading and you’ll find out why it’s the perfect pastime for the geekiest people.

You will be surprised how many nerdy people enjoy occasional jogging. If you belong to this category try jogging late in the evening and you may meet some of your friends doing the same thing. Comic fans and hardcore gamers, Star Wars fans and SimCity players are all among unexpected runners. This activity could be great for like-minded people to socialize and expand their circles.


The Running Nerd

Many people assume that only gym addicts and healthy snobs enjoy occasional running. If it’s popular among some groups of people, it does not mean it cannot be popular among the geeks. What’s the reason behind it? The same reason applies to everyone: people simply want to keep fit. If you know that you’re not exactly a sporty type of person, but you realize that you still need to stop sitting on the couch all day, running is the best option for you. You don’t need to change your schedule or have a gym membership; all you need is to have a pair of good running shoes and an MP3 player.

Some people can be competitive gamers and dislike the competition in sports. Running offers you various options. You can choose either organized marathon running or solo running in the morning. It’s all up to you. This sport will bend around your needs and your schedule.

The Tech Aspect

There is a lot of software and tons of apps available for people to track their fitness progress. Gamers and geeks can appreciate smartphone apps that measure the distance, time, calories burnt, heart rate and other running indicators. After all, geeks like stats, graphs and data. These apps turn people into obsessive runners who wish to improve their performance.

Zombies Run app is a great running game for people keen on zombie movies. You would need to run for your life! This app gives you a chance to have a lot of fun and exercise at the same time. Virtual zombies behind you will make you sweat. This and many other apps allow you to track your progress and share it on various social networking sites. You can compare your results with your friends and see who the best runner is. Apps will keep you motivated and boost your competitive spirit.

The Fitness Aspect

Running will train several muscle groups in your body (including firming up your butt,) improve your mood, and keep your entire body more fit. It will also give you enough time to spend on your own, out of the house and out of the chat rooms. Some people love running tracks at the gym, others prefer running solo. A lot of people are happy to run away from the stress of everyday life and just be alone for a moment. This meditative nature of solo running can help you relax and switch off your brain in the evening before you go to sleep.

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