Winter Is Coming: Don’t Make These Mistakes While Running on a Treadmill!

Many runners prefer to exercise outside.  However, there are some who prefer the predictability of running inside on a treadmill.  And even the biggest outdoor enthusiast will occasionally have to yield to Mother Nature. Running on the treadmill might seem like a no-brainer workout.  However, there are actually quite a few mistakes you could be … Read more

How to Train for a 10k on the Treadmill

If you’re reading this article, it means you have already started running a few months ago. I am sure it was extremely difficult at the beginning, but consequent training and ambition got you to your first milestone: finishing a 5k. Completing a 5k is not an easy milestone to reach. Most beginners give up running … Read more

Treadmill Buying Guide

So you want to workout at home, but you don’t have a lot of space, and you are wondering what you should get? For some people, I would recommend an exercise bike, but for most people, I suggest a treadmill. (Especially to those people who are visiting a running website!) Skip the elliptical machines and … Read more