Winter Is Coming: Don’t Make These Mistakes While Running on a Treadmill!

Many runners prefer to exercise outside.  However, there are some who prefer the predictability of running inside on a treadmill.  And even the biggest outdoor enthusiast will occasionally have to yield to Mother Nature. Running on the treadmill might seem like a no-brainer workout.  However, there are actually quite a few mistakes you could be … Read more

The Best iPhone Running Apps for 2013

Sifting through the app store, trying to find exactly what you want, is not an easy task.  Luckily, we have made the process extremely easy!  Check out these five fantastic running apps.  Each one offers unique features; surely, at least one of them will meet your running needs.  Whether you have serious training ambitions our … Read more

The Correlation Between Running and Hair Loss

Running – and exercise in general – is a great way to enhance your body’s overall health.  Running on a regular basis improves circulation, burns calories, decreases the chance of osteoporosis, encourages better sleep patterns, boosts the immune system and much more.  However, not all side effects of running are healthy. If done improperly, running … Read more

Dynamic Stretching for Runners

What exactly is dynamic stretching? Simply put it is a great way to make sure your body is ready for a workout. Dynamic stretching is using gentle motions to slowly increase the natural range of motion of a particular movement. It is becoming increasingly popular as a way to warm up because people have been … Read more

Does it Pay to Pay More for Running Shoes?

Whether you’re new to running or are an experienced marathoner, you may be wondering whether buying $200 running shoes is really worth it. Does it really pay to pay more for running shoes? The answer is: not necessarily. While you definitely want to protect your feet – your most important asset as a runner – … Read more