Eyewear Guide for Runners: 3 Options to Try

When it comes to participating in sports and other types of exercise, anyone who wears glasses knows that it can become both uncomfortable and annoying to perform with eyewear on.  And yet, most of us need our glasses to see, especially when we’re moving around in unfamiliar territory. Runners who eschew their regular eyewear may … Read more

Don’t Waste Money on Expensive Gear

Many people believe that they “need” all of the newest and most trendy running gear in order to run to their fullest potential. The truth is, though, that you could be paying too much for things you just don’t need. Name brand clothing, shoes, sunglasses, Garmin watches, iPod holders, and headphones are just a few … Read more

Treadmill Buying Guide

So you want to workout at home, but you don’t have a lot of space, and you are wondering what you should get? For some people, I would recommend an exercise bike, but for most people, I suggest a treadmill. (Especially to those people who are visiting a running website!) Skip the elliptical machines and … Read more